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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.37



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      Version 0.37
       * Core:
      - Fixed the problem with the Surefire tests. Thanks to Tibor Digana.
      - Bug: non-percent border-slice values could be ignored when setting the
        background shorthand.
      - Improved handling of invalid border-image shorthands.
      - DOM implementation: remove ordered class lists, a misfeature introduced in 
        0.33 that was breaking the matching of some attribute selectors.
      - NSAC implementation: fixes for escaped characters. May introduce regressions
        and needs testing.
      - Initial support for gradient values.
      - Simplify the code for color values by unifying values with and without alpha 
        channel. Add support for HWB color space.
      - Support 'currentcolor' in box shorthands.
      - Limited support for 'initial' and 'unset' in box shorthands (should be avoided
      - Support non-whitespace separators in class attribute values.
      - Add support for margin rules, and a small cleanup in other rules.
      - Support functions with structured arguments.
      - Numeric primitive values: create immutable numeric values.
      - CSSStringValue and CSSURIValue: set the primitive type when using 
        setCssText(), and behave accordingly.
      - Major renaming of classes that implement CSSOM-related interfaces and whose 
        names start with DOM, but are not DOM-specific. Now they start with OM.
      - Small cleanup in property values.
      - DOM implementation: smaller default buffer sizes for element.toString().
      - Move a couple text escape methods to ParseHelper, and do a small cleanup of 
        the CSSStringValue hierarchy.
      - Move primitive SAC-to-Object-Model methods from AbstractCSSPrimitiveValue to 
        new class ValueFactory.
      - Add infrastructure to process value warnings in the style declaration error 
      - Add W3C copyright notice to some files that missed it.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Apply the major class renaming from core.
      - Adapt to method name change in core (declaration error handler).
       * Agent module:
      - Maven POM: the jar file was missing the resources.
      - Lazy instantiation of DefaultOriginPolicy.
       * Visual module (staging):
      - Apply the major class renaming from core.
      - Include highly experimental classes from staging area.
       * Java2D module:
      - Apply the major class renaming from core.
      - SampleSitesIT: small Continuous Integration tool.

      See also https://groups.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/css4j/zSVp6Du3_1g/5I219L2UDwAJ




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