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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.38



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      Version 0.38
       * Core:
      - Change the default parser to this library's own NSAC implementation.
      - Move classes in doc.style.css.dom to new package doc.style.css.om.
      - NSAC implementation: ignore media rules with invalid media specs.
      - NSAC implementation: when creating an identifier unit for 'unset' or 
        'initial', convert to lowercase.
      - NSAC implementation: add test for pseudo-classed pseudo-element.
      - New interface CSSRatioValue.
      - Support ratios in media queries.
      - Accept css-wide keywords in more shorthands including background, transition,
        border-width, border-style and border-color.
      - getPropertyValue/getPropertyCSSValue: convert property name to ASCII lower 
        case only if it is not a custom property like '--foo-color', per 
      - CSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty: convert property name to ASCII lower case if 
        it is not a custom property, per 
      - CSSStyleDeclaration.removeProperty: convert property name to ASCII lower case 
        if it is not a custom property, per 
      - CSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty(String, String, String): if value is the 
        empty string, invoke removeProperty() with property as argument per 
      - Add getUserAgentStyleSheet() method to CSSStyleSheetFactory.
      - CSSStyleSheetFactory: add a style sheet argument when creating a 
      - Add method unexpectedProperty to SheetErrorHandler.
      - DOM implementation: add a toString() to node lists.
      - DOM implementation and DOM wrapper: remove non-CSS <link> elements from the 
        link collection.
      - Adjustments to ValueFactory: support custom calc values and prevent one type
        of bugs.
      - Fix a serious bug introduced in 0.31: a comment inside a style declaration 
        would invalidate the rule.
      - Fix bug in CSS DocumentHandler: an 'and' in a media check should be an 'or'.
      - Fix: media queries can be empty.
      - Bug: integer primitive values did not opt-in for complex (list) values.
      - Try to fix a memory-footprint regression introduced in 0.37.
      - CSSOM: clean up the possible references to SAC lexical units that are no 
        longer needed.
      - Remove an unnecessary cast from AbstractStyleDatabase.
      - SS Cssparser no longer uses the subsequent sibling selector hack.
      - DefaultStyleDeclarationErrorHandler: report unassigned shorthand values.
      - Minor correction to SAC parser instantiation logging.
      - Documentation: add a description to the CSSElement and SelectorMatcher 
       * Dom4j module:
      - Package doc.style.css.dom was renamed to doc.style.css.om.
      - Implement getUserAgentStyleSheet() in the style sheet factory (it was already 
        in the document factory).
      - Compare to a lowercased String instead of an equalsIgnoreCase when evaluating 
        the rel attribute in linked styles.
      - Remove specialized element classes that were defining default styles at the 
        wrong place.
       * Agent module:
      - Package doc.style.css.dom was renamed to doc.style.css.om.
      - DefaultOriginPolicy: add two missing Override annotations.
       * Visual module (staging):
      - Package doc.style.css.dom was renamed to doc.style.css.om.
       * Java2D module:
      - Package doc.style.css.dom was renamed to doc.style.css.om.
      - Add test-jar production to Maven POM.
      - CI tool: more informative messages for some error cases.




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