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    • Affects Version/s: 9.11.2
    • Fix Version/s: 10.1-rc-1
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      Version 0.39
       * Core:
      - NSAC 1.1 parser configuration extension.
      - NSAC implementation: implement NSAC 1.1 parser configuration with STARHACK 
      - NSAC 1.1 rule parsing extension.
      - NSAC: add namespace-related parse exception.
      - NSAC implementation: throw CSSNamespaceParseException for namespace-related 
      - NSAC implementation: implement NSAC 1.1 rule parsing extension.
      - NSAC implementation: add support for parsing the body of nested rules.
      - NSAC implementation: return the CSS2 TR from Parser.getParserVersion()
      - NSAC implementation: do not skip comments inside ignorable at-rules.
      - NSAC impl.: small correction to CSS test file for additional coverage.
      - NSAC impl.: process escaped and quoted values properly in ignorable rules
      - CSSOM: if the factory is in LENIENT mode and the parser supports NSAC 1.1, 
        enable STARHACK.
      - CSSOM: Refactor introducing the CSSDeclarationRule interface.
      - CSSOM: normalize name for CSSSupportsRule constant.
      - CSSOM: extract a few W3C interfaces from at-rule implementations.
      - CSSOM: refactor, introducing the ExtendedCSSRule interface.
      - CSSOM: tests for rule's clone(sheet) method, with fix for OMCSSPageRule
      - CSSOM: refactor related to declaration-specific SAC DocumentHandlers.
      - CSSOM: add support for several at-rules.
      - CSSOM: refactor of @supports rule implementation.
      - CSSOM: add numbers for new rules, and small visibility adjustments.
      - Add several at-rule factory methods to ExtendedCSSStyleSheet.
      - CSSRuleArrayList: supply an 'appendRule' method instead of just 'add'.
      - OMCSSNamespaceRule: add a setPrefix() method allowing to change prefix.
      - BaseCSSStyleSheet: throw DOMException of NAMESPACE_ERR type when 
        CSSNamespaceParseException is found.
      - OMCSSPageRule: set and get the page selector according to spec methods.
      - Revert "Remove implementation of CSSUnknownRule, deprecated by W3C and 
      - Instantiate a CSSUnknownRule for unsupported SAC 'ignorable' rules.
      - Sheet error handler: add a method to report fatal issues with at-rules.
      - SheetErrorHandler: new arguments for non-style at-rule error reporting.
      - Do not include semicolon for last longhand in minified declarations.
      - Rename package doc.html to doc.dom.
      - Add SPDX header. See
      - Improved licensing header for NSAC files, including SPDX identifier.
      - New licensing header for W3C files, and relevant LICENSES.txt file.
      - Add the 'final' modifier to several fields (and make some 'private').
      - Fix a few Java 9 newInstance() warnings
      - Remove BOM mark from sample css used in tests
      - Add a few tests for DOM wrapper.
      - DeclarationParserTest: add a unit test and rearrange some lines.
      - CSSIdentifierValueTest: additional test.
      - BaseCSSStyleDeclarationTest: additional test.
      - BaseCSSStyleSheet: add a comment.
      - OMCSSGroupingRule: small Javadoc corrections.
      - Update copyright notices to 2018.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Adapt to refactors in core module.
      - Add SPDX header. See
      - Fix a newInstance Java 9 warning
      - Update unit test to account for CSSUnknownRule support.
      - Update copyright notices to 2018.
       * Agent module:
      - Add SPDX header. See
       * Visual module (staging):
      - Package doc.html in core renamed to doc.dom.
      - Add SPDX header. See
      - LICENSE.txt: Update copyright notice to 2018.
       * Java2D module:
      - Package doc.html in core, renamed to doc.dom.
      - Add SPDX header. See
      - LICENSE.txt: Update copyright notice to 2018.




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