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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.40.3



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      We're currently using 0.40.0

      Version 0.40.3
       * Core:
      - NSAC: add the flexible length unit (fr) numeric identifier to LexicalUnit2.
      - NSAC: add lexical unit identifiers for left and right square brackets.
      - NSAC implementation: support the flex (fr) unit.
      - NSAC implementation: support square brackets in values.
      - NSAC impl: document difference of behaviour of AttributeCondition2 vs SAC's 
      - NSAC implementation: fix a bug processing comments ending with an asterisk.
      - NSAC impl.: fix an issue parsing arguments in :not and :has pseudo-classes.
      - NSAC LexicalUnit2: change 'q' by 'Q' in SAC_QUARTER_MILLIMETER.
      - Remove deprecated getWidthSize(String) from StyleDatabase.
      - CSSPrimitiveValue2: rename CSS_QUARTER_MILLIMETER to CSS_QUARTER_MM for 
      - CSSOM: add missing level 4 units to CSSPrimitiveValue2.
      - CSSOM: add identifier for flex (fr) values in CSSPrimitiveValue2.
      - CSSOM: support bracket lists inside functions.
      - CSSOM: fix an issue with some expressions embedded within calc() values.
      - Add a test and a comment clarification for CSSOM calc() support.
      - CSSOM: use an interface instead of a class in DeclarationCondition.
      - ValueFactory: support for bracket lists and flex (fr) units.
      - Add an iterator and addAll methods to OMCSSValueList.
      - Have OMCSSFunctionValue's getStringValue() method return the function name.
      - Support the 'column' shorthand.
      - Support for the 'flex' shorthand.
      - Support flex-flow shorthand.
      - Support column-rule shorthand.
      - Support place-content shorthand.
      - Support for place-items shorthand property.
      - Support grid, grid-template, grid-row, grid-column and grid-area shorthands.
      - Support the 'gap' shorthand.
      - Small improvement to border-* shorthand serialization.
      - Identify functions with color arguments as valid colors in shorthands.
      - Bug: have ValueFactory.isPositiveSizeSACUnit return false for non-positive 
      - Bug: correctly identify bad mixed-keyword cases in some shorthands.
      - Fix a bug in the border-image shorthand getCssText()
      - AbstractCSSPrimitiveValue: set the subproperty field in the copy constructor.
      - PropertyDatabase: add initial values for more grid properties.
      - Add isNumberZero() to AbstractCSSPrimitiveValue.
      - Avoid unnecessary method call in CSSStyleDeclarationRule.selectorText()
      - Add initial values for a few additional properties.
      - Update LICENSE.txt file location in headers.
      - AnimationShorthandBuilder: put comment at the correct place.
      - Improvements to javadoc comments.
      Version 0.40.2
       * Core:
      - Remove getSelectorsForPropertyValue from ExtendedCSSStyleSheet, replacing it 
        with getSelectorsForProperty.
      - Fix absolutization of computed calc() values.
      - Support minified calc() values.
      - Accept counter-styles in list-style shorthand.
      - Filter additional potential bad names for @counter-style rules.
      - In box shorthands, do not use supplied shorthand cssText if that could confuse 
      - More consistent ordering for sub-properties of box shorthands, even when they 
        are unlikely to be displayed in cssText.
      - Build safer border-color shorthands.
      - CSSOM: support for 'animation' and latest spec changes in 'list-style'.
      - CSSOM: introduce the CSSGroupingRule and CSSConditionRule interfaces.
      - CSSOM: add abstract clone() to AbstractCSSValue (making it effectively 
      - Have NodeStyleDeclaration extend CSSStyleDeclaration.
      - Add hasKnownIdentifierValues to PropertyDatabase.
      - Add sanity checks for building generic shorthands.
      - Refactor the SheetErrorHandler interface (creating SACErrorHandler).
      - Use latest SheetErrorHandler changes in CSSDocument implementations.
      - Move constants from AbstractCSSRule to ExtendedCSSRule.
      - Revert "Add 'public static' to CSSPrimitiveValue2 level 3 unit identifiers."
      - Change method signature of a couple of internal keyword-related methods, for 
      - Do not report unknown custom rules to SheetErrorHandler.
      - Small fix to internal method lexicalUnitToString (used for testing).
      - More unit tests.
      - Format some unit tests.
      - Some javadoc improvements.
      - License information update.
      - Switch NodeStyleDeclaration license to W3C-20150513.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Use latest SheetErrorHandler change in XHTMLDocument.
      Version 0.40.1
       * Core:
      - NSAC implementation: discard at-rules with unmatched parentheses.
      - NSAC implementation: fix bug in the handling of some column combinator
      - CSSOM: change CSSInheritedValue to CSSInheritValue.
      - CSSOM: clone expressions / arguments when cloning calc() or function values.
      - CSSOM: complete the inheritance infrastructure, absolutizing relative units 
        inside calc() and functions.
      - CSSOM: create type identifiers for functions and gradients in 
        CSSPrimitiveValue2. Remove isFunctionValue().
      - CSSOM: introduce the CSSExpression and CSSCalcValue interfaces.
      - CSSOM: add a CSSGradientValue interface.
      - CSSOM: handle 'currentcolor' in computed styles.
      - CSSOM: refactor in CSSValue creation.
      - Move shorthand setters out of already bloated BaseCSSStyleDeclaration.
      - ShorthandSetter: remove a sanity check that could mess the detection of bad 
      - Use fast path constructor instead of parser to create some identifier values.
      - Add 'public static' to CSSPrimitiveValue2 level 3 unit identifiers.
      - Add a comment and a test about the initial value of 'background-color'.
      - Changed a few Javadoc comments.




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