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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.41.2



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      Currently using 0.40.3.

      New versions since 0.40.3:

      • 0.41
      • 0.41.1
      • 0.41.2

      What's new:

      Version 0.41.2
       * Core:
      - NSAC implementation: support nested @media rules.
      - DOM impl.: return a null namespace URI for nodes other than elements and 
      - CSSOM: set the parent rule in OMCSSGroupingRule.addRule.
      - CSSOM: support nested @media rules.
      - CSSOM: assign comments preceding rules that are inside grouping rules.
      - Initial API for cssText serialization formatting.
      - Remove emptyMediaList() from SheetErrorHandler.
      - Add toString() to DOMStringListImpl.
      - Additional unit test for NSAC implementation.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Fix (and tests) for compatibility with dom4j 2.1.1.
      - Revert "Maven POM: specify dom4j 2.0.2 for building and testing."
      - When adding a rule to a media rule, the parent rule is now already set by 
      Version 0.41.1
       * Core:
      - NSAC impl.: recover properly from context error in media rules.
      - NSAC implementation: support page rules inside media rules.
      - NSAC implementation: when reporting a property declared with no value, report 
        the name of the property.
      - DOM implementation: replace a length>0 check by more efficient length!=0
      - Add a generic infrastructure for non-CSS presentational hints.
      - CSSOM: support @page rules inside @media rules.
      - CSSOM: if a media rule is for all media, do not serialize the media in 
      - Computed values of "font-family" were actually returning 'used' values. 
        Return the full computed value instead.
      - When computing values for several background-* and transition-* properties, 
        'used' values were supplied instead. Return the computed style, and add a 
        BaseCSSStyleDeclaration.computeBoundProperty method to build the used values 
        when needed.
      - Use a more modern syntax of rgba(0,0,0/0) for the computed value of 
      - Add a Javadoc comment about 
      - Add a sample img element to xhtml sample document.
      - New test for strings in embedded style sheets.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Embedded styles were retrieved with getTextTrim() which is not CSS-safe. 
        Change it to getText().
      - Bug: style coming from presentational attributes like 'width' had a wrong 
        precedence (specificity).
      - Add a specific implementation for the <img> element.
      - Use core infrastructure for non-CSS presentational hints.
      Version 0.41
       * Core:
      - NSAC implementation: after selector parse/syntax error, parser state was not
        fully reset (bug).
      - NSAC implementation: better handling of rule-level syntax errors.
      - NSAC implementation: prevent an index out of bounds exception.
      - NSAC implementation: set the previous lexical unit in lexical units.
      - Refactor: change style sheet factory compliance mode type to enum.
      - Refactor: change the type backing the sheet origin from short to byte.
      - CSSOM: fix a bug filling calc() subexpressions.
      - Ignore superfluous values of 'normal' in the 'font' shorthand.
      - Shorthands: size value detection logic now includes functions that have sizes 
        within sub-values.
      - Shorthands: fix a bug in the assignment of possible/uncertain color values.
      - More robust handling of custom gradient values.
      - Initial support for minification of media rules.
      - Add a colorSpace attribute to color values, with the color space used to 
        specify it.
      - Add a couple more tests about comment parsing.
      - Add a few margin builder tests.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Adapt to compliance mode type change in core.
      - Adapt to sheet origin type change in core.
       * Agent module:
      - Adapt to compliance mode type change in core.




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