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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.41.3



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      A comment processing regression was introduced in 0.41.2 which could cause a NullPointerException under certain circumstances. 0.41.2 users are advised to upgrade to 0.41.3.

      Version 0.41.3
       * Core:
      - Fix comment processing regression caused by commit [907fd1] (r. 0.41.2)
      - Style declaration's getMinifiedCssText() was missing an old fix that was 
        applied to getCssText().
      - NSAC impl.: fix a bug parsing an attribute selector with the case insensitive 
        flag within a compound selector.
      - Add deepenCurrentContext() to StyleFormattingContext, to be able to handle 
        non-rule contexts like feature maps.
      - Use deepenCurrentContext() in OMCSSFontFeatureValuesRule.
      - cssText formatting API: add a customizable method to print CSS values.
      - Add a writeCssText method to CSS values, and use it to serialize cssText.
      - Test formatting context: remove unnecessary override.
      - Serialize computed styles on a single line, regardless of the general style 
        formatting being used.
      - Set a new default cssText formatting with each property declaration on its 
        own line.
      - Shorthand setter: not all initial values of longhands were marked as 
        shorthand subproperties.
      - Abort transition shorthand setting if unrecognized value is found.
      - Setting the subproperty bit as part of the LexicalSetter.setLexicalUnit 
        method was error-prone and difficult to review. Get it out of LexicalSetter.
      - Shorthand builder: border builder is responsible for border-image if present. 
        Serialize it even if no full 'border' shorthand was built.
      - Uncomment 9 rules from default HTML5 style sheet.
      - TokenProducer: do not assume '/*' and '*/' comment delimiters in 
        parse(Reader) and parse(String) methods.
      - Set the 'Referer' header when fetching linked style sheets.
      - Change LexicalUnitImpl to package visibility.
      - @font-feature-values rules and related interfaces were moved to Level 4.
      - Several javadoc improvements.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Have XHTMLDocument.getDocumentURI() return null instead of throwing a 
        (non-conformant) exception.
      - Update unit tests to latest changes in core.
       * Agent module:
      - Update public suffix list to latest one.




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