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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.42



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      Currently using 0.41.3.

      New versions since 0.41.3:

      • 0.41.4
      • 0.41.5
      • 0.41.6
      • 0.42
      Version 0.42
       * Core:
      - NSAC: a couple of small wording-style changes.
      - NSAC implementation: add a missing @Override annotation.
      - DefaultEntityResolver: allow retrieving remote resources with file ending 
        with ".mod" or the proper content type.
      - DefaultEntityResolver: load HTML5 entities for XHTML strict and transitional 
      - DefaultEntityResolver: do not use an assumed publicId in getExternalSubset.
      - DOM implementation: refactor for improved code readability and reusability.
      - DOM implementation: introduce an XML-oriented DOMDocument.
      - DOM implementation: add a generic XML DocumentBuilder.
      - DOM impl.: createDocument() was not creating the document element when 
      - DOM impl.: methods of named attribute maps weren't correctly handling live 
        addition and removal.
      - DOM implementation: fix a bug in Text.splitText(int).
      - DOM implementation: fix NPE in Node.insertBefore().
      - DOM implementation: fix several pending namespace issues.
      - DOM implementation: allow namespaceless attributes.
      - DOM implementation: fix a few attribute bugs.
      - DOM impl.: Comments: Do not put additional space in toString() serialization.
      - DOM implementation: initial support for changing Document's behavior via 
      - DOM impl.: transform HTML tagnames to lowercase in Document.createElementNS
      - DOM implementation: more spec-compliant element serialization in toString().
      - DOM impl.: CSSDOMImplementation.hasFeature now returns always true except for 
      - DOM implementation: implement getSchemaTypeInfo() in attributes.
      - DOM implementation: do not attempt to return anything with 
      - DOM impl.: refactor to allow DocumentTypeImpl being used with other DOM 
      - DOM impl.: DOMElementTest: remove unnecessary SAC parser configuration.
      - Add getColorDepth and getPixelDepth to StyleDatabase, remove getBitsPerColor.
      - Remove W3C's Screen interface, which provides information that this 
        implementation splits into CSSCanvas, CSSViewport and StyleDatabase.
      - CSSOM: move two W3C interfaces from doc.style.css.w3c to parent package.
      - CSSOM: have CSSMarginRule interface extend CSSDeclarationRule instead of 
      - CSSOM: support custom properties ('variables').
      - CSSOM: Shorthand setters and builders: clean up method visibility.
      - CSSOM: OMCSSUnknownRule.java: add missing SPDX header information.
      - StylableDocumentWrapper: refactor the handling of embedded and linked style 
      - WrapperUserAgent: connect to resource before retrieving headers.
      - Unit tests: better name for the HTML sample file.
      - Unit tests: remove stack trace printing in selector parser NS tests.
      - Unit tests: use the correct HTML5 doctype for the HTML sample.
      - Update copyright notices to 2019.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Small tweak to XHTMLDocumentFactory to be compatible with XMLDocumentBuilder.
      - DOM4JUserAgent: connect to resource before retrieving headers.
      - Unit tests: adapt to method name changes in core testing infrastructure.
      - Update copyright notices to 2019.
       * Agent module:
      - DefaultUserAgent: connect to resource before retrieving headers.
      - Update copyright notices to 2019.
       * AWT module:
      - Update copyright notices to 2019.




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