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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.42.3



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      Version 0.41.3
       * Core:
      - NSAC impl.: fix a bug parsing descendant selectors when the descendant is an 
        ID selector.
      - NSAC implementation: regression: accept IE expressions.
      - NSAC implementation: fix a bug in control character escaping.
      - NSAC impl.: fix a bug in the parsing of functions with url() arguments.
      - NSAC impl.: add equals() and hashCode() to SupportsConditionImpl.
      - NSAC impl.: add equals() and hashCode() to selector implementations.
      - NSAC impl.: warn about style rules with duplicate selectors in selector list.
      - NSAC impl.: fix toString() in pseudo-classes that involve a namespaced 
        universal selector.
      - NSAC impl.: improved style declaration error detection and handling, esp. if 
        there are hex colors or unicode ranges involved.
      - NSAC impl.: if STARHACK is set, apply it during any declaration parsing, 
        including parseStyleDeclaration (previously was only applied when using 
      - NSAC implementation: make CSSParser.parseSupportsCondition a bit more robust.
      - NSAC impl.: detect not/has/matches selectors lacking function tokenization.
      - NSAC implementation: more meaningful error message for wrong hex colors.
      - NSAC impl.: more meaningful error message when processing unexpected token 
        before '@'.
      - NSAC impl.: add @formatter:off/on annotations to a couple important comments, 
        to avoid losing formatting.
      - NSAC impl.: CSSParserTest: remove a couple bogus exception declarations.
      - Remove duplicate 'dir' selector in the first rule of the html5 user agent 
      - DOM impl.: avoid creating elements and attributes with bad names, instead of 
        escaping them later.
      - DOM impl.: allow LINK elements in body.
      - DOM impl.: allow META elements in body if the itemprop attribute is present.
      - DOM impl.: if StrictErrorChecking is set to false, do not check for errors 
        when appending a META element to any element in HTML documents.
      - DOM impl.: throw namespace errors when creating elements and attributes with
        namespace problems (Exceptions were of the wrong type).
      - Fix a bug in OMMediaList.setMediaText() (previous media were not reset).
      - MediaQueryFactory: adjust the equals() and hashCode() methods to ignore the 
        order of queries, being consistent with analogous methods in OMMediaList.
      - Initial support for referrer policy when loading external style sheets.
      - CSSOM: * introduce this library's own StyleSheetList interface. *
      - CSSOM: fix issues with grid shorthands, including an infinite recursion in the
        grid-template shorthand builder.
      - CSSOM: fix issue cloning @font-face rules (sheet URI was not accounted for).
      - CSSOM: a lot of rules did not have equals/hashCode methods or were inaccurate.
      - CSSOM: fix equals/hashCode of URI values exported to another style sheet.
      - CSSOM: use STARHACK in CSSStyleDeclaration.setCssText if compliance mode is 
      - CSSOM: support setCssText(String) in @media rules.
      - CSSOM: clean up setCssText() in @supports rules.
      - CSSOM: account for all declaration rules in 
      - CSSOM: CSSConditionRule.setConditionText(String) now throws a DOMException.
      - CSSOM: OMCSSValueList: ExtendedCSSValueList already extends CSSValueList.
      - CSSOM: add clone() to DOMStringListImpl.
      - CSSOM: add more information when producing some DOMExceptions.
      - CSSOM: change visibility of class WrappedCSSStyleDeclaration to package.
      - CSSOM: assorted additional tests.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Implement the new StyleSheetList interface.
      - Support referrer policy.
       * Agent module:
      - Support referrer policy.
      Version 0.42.2
       * Core:
      - NSAC: add SAC_UNICODE_WILDCARD constant to LexicalUnit2.
      - NSAC implementation: support for unicode ranges.
      - NSAC impl.: add method parseDeclarationRule(InputSource) to CSSParser.
      - NSAC impl.: apply the progid-hack only to properties ending with 'filter'.
      - NSAC impl.: fix the detection of @charset rules put in the wrong place.
      - NSAC implementation: better error recovery when parsing rules.
      - NSAC implementation: CSSParseException columns start at 1.
      - NSAC impl.: tests: split parseProperty() tests off DeclarationParserTest.
      - TokenProducer: add helper constant for CHAR_QUESTION_MARK.
      - DOM impl.: more compliant handling of attributes and attribute node maps.
      - DOM impl.: look at supplied document type when creating a new document.
      - DOM impl.: fix a data insertion bug in Text nodes.
      - DOM impl.: fix remnants of namespace handling that was still HTML-centric.
      - DOM impl.: remove the tentative support for adoptNode(), which cannot be 
        easily supported by this implementation.
      - DOMDocument: avoid taking a branch (cleanup).
      - DOM wrapper: avoid NPE when retrieving computed css values.
      - CSSOM: support unicode range values, introducing the CSSUnicodeRangeValue 
      - CSSOM: use the new CSSParser.parseDeclarationRule(InputSource) method.
      - CSSOM: add missing hashCode() and equals() methods to some CSSValues.
      - CSSOM: fix bad cssText serialization for some rules when they are empty.
      - CSSOM: some declaration rules were not passing property errors to its 
        declaration error handler.
      - CSSOM: rename SheetErrorHandler.ruleParsingError to ruleParseError.
      - CSSOM: add ruleParseWarning(CSSRule, CSSParseException) to SheetErrorHandler.
      - CSSOM: add tests about retrieving non-specified properties.
      - CSSOM: add some tests for a few at-rules.
      - Add initial value for the unicode-range property.
      - Move unit test configuration from AllTests to new TestConfig class.
       * Dom4j module:
      - XHTMLDocument: avoid taking a branch (cleanup).
      - XHTMLDocumentTest: add a test for isSafeOrigin.
      Version 0.42.1
       * Core:
      - NSAC: (another) small change for better wording in package description.
      - NSAC implementation: more strict detection of invalid identifiers.
      - TokenProducer: add a more flexible procedure to add characters to words.
      - DOM implementation: support computing styles for XML documents.
      - DOM implementation: fix the processing of ID attributes in xml documents.
      - DOM impl.: synchronize methods to populate getElementsByTagName and 
        getElementsByClassName node lists.
      - DOM impl.: add a few more non-CSS presentational hints to html elements.
      - Add a SAXParserFactory ctor argument to XMLDocumentBuilder, with a get method.
      - XMLDocumentBuilder: get the isNamespaceAware() and isValidating() from the 
        parser factory.
      - DOM Wrapper: support xml style processing and allow changing text nodes.
      - CSSOM: support for environment variables, introducing the CSSEnvVariableValue 
      - CSSOM: remove unnecessary method getParent(int) from SupportsCondition.
      - CSSOM: remove an empty conditional at BaseDocumentCSSStyleSheet.
      - Fix the merging of the document sheets (was being done multiple times).
      - Fix a table formatting bug in the SimpleBoxModel. (not a well-tested code 
        path, other issues are likely to remain)
       * Dom4j module:
      - Adapt to latest changes in core module.
      - Add a few non-CSS presentational hints.
      - Fix the merging of the document sheets (was being done multiple times).
      - Add an override to avoid throwing an exception when using the XML builder.




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