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Upgrade to HSQLDB 2.5.0



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    • 11.5-rc-1
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      Version 2.5.0 is a major release. Temporal system-versioned data can be stored and retrieved. Fine-grained row-level access control extends to visibility and permissions on rows of tables. Log-based synchronization keeps replicas in sync. There are many enhancements and bug fixes alongside major new features. The Guide covers the new features.

      -- version 2.5.0 jar requires JRE 8 or later - tested up to Java 12
      -- version 2.5.0 can be compiled with Java 9 or later as org.hsqldb Java module jar
      -- version 2.3.7 is released as a separate jar for JRE 6 and 7 and fully compatible except for the new JDBC features
      -- added Temporal System-Versioned tables feature 
      -- added offline distributed database feature based on System-Versioned tables
      -- added role-based, row-level data access control
      -- added new properties, memory_lobs and hsqldb_tx_interrupt_rollback
      -- changed effect of Thread interrupts by user application in in-process database, transaction is rolled back if hsqldb_tx_interrupt_rollback is true
      -- changed return type of the UUID() function to UUID; the SYS_GUID() function will continue to return a BINARY(16) value.
      -- improved reporting of line number in compile error messages for routines
      -- improved syntax compatibility modes
      -- fixed issue with formatting of some TIMESTAMP nanoseconds returned by the TO_TIMESTAMP function
      -- fixed issue with TIMESTAMPIFF with TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE
      -- fixed issue with IN (UNNEST(NUMERIC ARRAY))
      -- fixed issue with transaction size repoted in INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SYSTEM_SESSIONS 
      -- fixed issue with storing plus or minus infinity DOUBLE values
      -- fixed issue with CREATE DOMAIN ... COLLATE not persisting
      -- fixed issue with CREATE TYPE with custom COLLATION
      -- fixed an issue with multiple FOR loops in SQL routines
      -- fixed several minor issues
      -- changed calls to Java methods deprecated in JDK 9 - 12
      -- removed Java 5 code switch and build options




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