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Upgrade to CSS4J 2.0.1



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    • 12.2
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      Version 2.0.1
       * Core:
      - NSAC: javadocs: better alignment of what the interfaces document and what the
        reference implementation actually does.
      - NSAC impl.: allow real rgb color components (e.g. 'rgb(23.6 44.1 132.8)').
      - XML-DTD: new StackedEntityResolver allows to use a resolver, and if it fails 
        to resolve, then use a fallback resolver.
      - DOM impl.: avoid potential NPE in HTMLElement.setIdAttributeNode.
      - CSSOM: add the sign() and abs() functions. See CSSWG issue 4673.
      - CSSOM: initial support for constants PI and E in expressions.
      - CSSOM: if the argument of a trigonometric function is dimensionless, accept 
        it and assume radians.
      - CSSOM: stricter checking of unit validity in calc() expressions.
      - CSSOM: allow real numbers in rgb color components.
      - CSSOM: avoid potential NPE computing fallbacks of attr() functions.
      - CSSOM: avoid potential NPE while serializing the 'background' shorthand in 
      - CSSOM: fix a bug computing padding in the Simple Box Model.
      - CSSOM: avoid a few potential NPEs in the Simple Box Model.
      - CSSOM: HWBColorValue's equals() method was making a wrong type check.
      - CSSOM: avoid NPE in FontFeatureValuesRule.equals(Object) method.
      - CSSOM: avoid NPE in BaseCSSStyleDeclaration.diff(BaseCSSStyleDeclaration).
      - CSSOM: do not serialize the 'margin' and 'padding' shorthands if any of the 
        longhands is a PROXY (e.g. var()).
      - CSSOM: be a bit stricter in catching errors in linear gradient color stops.
      - CSSOM: do not assume that var() with a color fallback always represents a 
      - CSSOM: remove a dead field from DefaultStyleDeclarationErrorHandler.
      - CSSOM: remove a couple useless value assignments from BorderRadiusBuilder.
      - CSSOM: remove a useless value assignment in BaseCSSStyleDeclaration.
      - Tests: avoid an unlikely NPE in style rule test.
      - Tests: a field was needlessly static in several tests.
      - Tests: upgrade to MetroUI CSS v4.3.5.
      - Tests: upgrade to fontawesome v5.12.1.
      - Several Javadoc fixes and improvements.
      - Bump copyright notices to year 2020.
       * Dom4j module:
      - A couple javadocs were still documenting the old (1.0) behaviour in the UA 
      - Bump copyright notices to year 2020.
       * Agent module:
      - Update to latest public suffix list.
      - Bump copyright notices to year 2020.
       * AWT module:
      - Bump copyright notices to year 2020.




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