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Hidden subpages of a tree template are not marked as visible upon creation of a document from that template, as opposed to the root page



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    • 12.6.4
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      How to reproduce:

      • create a template with a root page and some subpages (other than WebPreferences pages) - using the feature added by XWIKI-12775
      • mark all the pages in the template tree as hidden, to have them excluded from search and document listing
      • create a template provider that serves this template
      • create a document from that template

      Expected result:

      • the template root and its child pages are copied, all marked as non hidden, included as visible in the wiki content

      Actual result:

      • the template root page is copied as visible, but all child pages remain hidden, as they were in the original template

      Note: probably not all pages will need to become visible: the WebPreferences pages, which may be a very frequent case of subpage, will probably need to stay hidden since they are technical pages.
      Also, for the rest of the pages in the template, there can be a debate about whether they should become visible or not, just like there can be one for the root page of the template ( see XWIKI-13554 ) but I would say if i'd have to chose a default, I would chose to do the same as the root page, that is make them visible.


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