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Object Editor does not save objects with class names containing minus sign



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      Our environment: Windows 10, Java 1.8.202 64bit, Tomcat 9.0.45 as Servlet Container, XWiki 12.10.6 LTS WAR installed, MySQL 5.7 DB

      After Migration from 11.10.4 LTS to 12.10.6 LTS we notice that the object editor does not save objects from a class that has a name containing a minus sign (like "Sequence-Followed Class"). Refreshing the page and checking database and logs shows, that only the page content was saved, but not the object, despite the fact, that XWiki UI shows only success messages ('object added', 'saved').

      Steps to reproduce: create new class with minus sign in class name, add some dummy property like string and save the class. Create new blank page, edit with object editor, choose the new class from drop down, save the page. Reload the page: your new class is gone.

      If we use velocity code to add the object or use a template, where the object had already been attached before migration, everything works fine! Renaming the maligne class name does not help, presumably the old name with minus sign is kept internally and prevents the save action of the object editor.

      If we add an object of a class without minus sign in the name, no matter whether XWiki core or self-designed class, it works.

      The bug must be hidden in the save action of the object editor.


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