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A wiki macro with a parameter type defined in an extension is broken as soon as an extension on the same namespace is upgraded or uninstalled



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      Prerequisites: Have PDF Viewer Macro (Pro) version 2.2.1 installed on the main wiki and get a trial license.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login with superadmin and edit XWiki.PDFViewerMacro to display, besides the pdf, the type of the file parameter by adding inside Macro code 

        ($wikimacro.parameters.file should invoke a Converter for the file parameter in case it can be found, since this parameter has a Java type defined)

      1. View XWiki.PDFViewerMacro and see that the above code is not returning something 
      2. Locally update macro-pdfviewer's code to contain a converter from String to PDFResourceReference https://github.com/oanalavinia/macro-pdfviewer/blob/master/api/src/main/java/com/xwiki/pdfviewer/PDFResourceReference.java, which is the  file parameter type (I added the Converter here https://github.com/oanalavinia/macro-pdfviewer/commit/cf0182f15533c789f6751b90df0f283632b60b53 )
      3. Build the new version and upgrade the macro to it
      4. Go to XWiki.PDFViewerMacro 


      Expected result:

      The newly added converter is found and the added code will return com.xwiki.pdfviewer.PDFResourceReference.


      Actual result:

      The result for the added code is still $wikimacro.parameters.file.class.name as if there isn't any converter


      At this point I tested the following groovy script and the converter was found (returns com.xwiki.pdfviewer.internal.PDFResourceReferenceConverter@58bb77d8)


      import org.xwiki.properties.ConverterManager
      def converterManager = services.component.getInstance(ConverterManager.class)
      println converterManager.getConverter(com.xwiki.pdfviewer.PDFResourceReference.class)




      After this I restarted the instance and checked XWiki.PDFViewerMacro, where now the converter is found and I get the following result:

      I got the same result with just resaving XWiki.PDFViewerMacro page (with superadmin, since the application is under a license)






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