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Inconsistent way to display hints in case of object editor and configurable class



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      Apparently Object editor and Configurable Class macros are not using the same translation key suffix to display hint of fields, which leads to different behaviour based on the translation key chosen.

      Reproduction step:

      • Create a terminal page "Foo" with an xclass containing a String property "bar"
      • Create a configurable class object for this xclass, at this point you should be able to configure the property "bar" from Administration
      • Create a translation page and put:
        Foo_bar=Bar property name
        Foo_bar_hint=Bar property hint
      • Edit the property bar and add a hint "Hint from the xclass"
      • Create an xobject of type Foo
      • Check how bar property is displayed in object editor and in administration page

      Expected result:

      • Bar is displayed the same in both page, and should use the translation, so the hint should display "Bar property hint" in both editors

      Obtained result:

      • The administration page doesn't display any hint. Object editor display the hint provided in translation. At this point, if you edit the translation key to use Foo_bar.hint you'll see the following behaviour:
      • the administration page will display the hint from the translation
      • the object editor will display the hint from the xclass

      I'm not entirely sure what should be the expected result here, if we should use .hint preferably than _hint but IMO both editors should behave the same.




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