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Creation action should check for edit rights when the target reference is known



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      There's currently two ways of using the create action:

      • from a page that does not exist: in which case the UI proposes to create the current page with one of the templates
      • from a page that exist: in this case, the UI asks for the location for creating a new page

      In the second scenario, it makes sense to display the template and to proceed with the action, since the edit right will depend on the location where to create the page. On first case however it doesn't make sense, since we already if the user has or not the edit right. If the user doesn't have edit right we should immediately display a warning message, or redirect to the view action.

      Reproduction steps:

      • Setup a wiki so that guest user does not have edit rights
      • With any user with edit right create a link on a page to a page that does not exist
      • Logout and click on this link with guest user

      Expected result:

      • Guest user view the page with the message informing it doesn't exist

      Obtained result:

      • the create page template is displayed, when clicking on "Create" button to proceed, the warning message is displayed informing the user that the action is forbidden.




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