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Copy-pasting content with images from a page in view mode to a page in wysiwyg edit mode adds images from attachments as external URL images



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    • 14.4.2
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      Steps to reproduce:

      • create a page A in your wiki
      • edit the page and add a paragraph and an image
      • save and view
      • open another page B in your wiki, in edit mode
      • copy the paragraph + image from page A in view mode
      • paste this into the wysiwyg editor of page B
      • save
      • page B now looks exactly like page A

      Expected result:

      • page B also has the image of page A as an attachment

      Actual result:

      • the image on page B is added as an external URL image, pointing to the attachments of page A but not as a wiki reference but as an external URL
      • thus, page A doesn't have any knowledge that there are some other pages on the wiki referring its attachments
        • if page A is moved or deleted, the image on page B will be broken

      Note that this is different from issue XWIKI-15350 in the fact that that issue is talking about copying between 2 open editors while this issue is about copying between a page in view mode and a page in edit mode.
      The behaviour of XWIKI-15350 is actually "good" in the sense that it allows the editor to realize that something is not exactly as it should about their copy-paste, and maybe re-upload the image on page B. In the usecase of this issue it looks like it's all fine and the job was done as expected.


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