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Image overlaps lists when using start alignment and a mix with text wrap and the start alignment



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    • 14.4.7, 11.10.1, 14.10
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      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      • on XWiki 11.10.1 (reproducing on 14.10, 14.4.7 as well), with the following syntax:
        [[image:EP.png||height="300" style="float:left" width="300"]]
        * item one
        * item two
        * item three
        1. item one
        1. item two
        1. item three
      • that was obtained by adding an image aligned to the left using the old image editor, like this:

      Result - the issue reproduces, the list markers are overlapped on the image:

      Another test with a more complex mixed list: 
      1. On a local 14.4.7, CKEditor Integration 1.64.8, using the new image dialog, go to the Sandbox page and upload an image next to the mixed list. This is the look of the mixed list before adding the image:

      2. On the image Advanced settings step, select Start alignment and Insert:

      3. Result:

      4. Here is a second result while I reuploaded the image next to the mixed list, with Text Wrap and Start checked

      5. The same problem happens even with the old image dialogue, when choosing to align the image to the left




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