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Add automated test for "Reset panels configuration"



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      The manual test is here: Reset panels configuration

      The test verifies if reset panels configuration feature from Administer Wiki works properly.

      What is missing from the automated test that already exists is:

      • testing layout reset (Step 5 from the manual test)
      • testing the reset after altering the values from "Panels displayed on the right" or "Panels displayed on the left" (Step 3 from the manual test)

      Matrix discussion: https://matrix.to/#/!ikPtGZaGWtyblizzlR:matrix.xwiki.com/$1712056672666qIVIp:matrix.xwiki.com?via=matrix.org&via=matrix.xwiki.com&via=helsinki-systems.de

      Vincent Massol: checking
      Ilie Andriuta: BTW the test is not currently working IMO
      Every time the 'Reset' button is clicked, the panels configuration is reverted (changes are undone, unless the page is saved).

      ^^ this is not working

      Ilie Andriuta: checking on 15.10.8

      Vincent Massol: wait I'll explain
      for ex on playground we have for the list of panels on the left: Help.TipsPanel.WebHome,Panels.MyRecentModifications,Help.SupportPanel.WebHome,XWiki.CloudTryXWikiProPanel.WebHome
      if I click reset I get: Help.TipsPanel.WebHome,Panels.MyRecentModifications
      so it removes the saved settings

      Ilie Andriuta: yes, it's expected
      it's not a reset to factory


      Vincent Massol: the reset button doesn't do factory reset (just checked the code)
      it's supposed to save the values before changes and then to put them back
      but apparently there's a bug (I"m debugging quickly to see if I can see the problem)

      Ilie Andriuta: but then the behavior is weird on https://www.xwikiplayground.org/
      resetting to other values before making any modification

      Ilie Andriuta: on my 15.10.8, the test https://test.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Administration%20Tests/Reset%20panels%20configuration passes, the values/modifications are reset to the last values/modifications saved on Steps 3, 5 and 8

      Vincent Massol: Reset doesn't reset to the saved values. its algorithm is faulty
      anyway, stopping now, and checking the tests
      I'll let you report what you want to in jira

      Vincent Massol: Ilie Andriuta
      "maybe because A.B are not real panels?"
      you can try with real panels but it won't change anything
      Regarding automated tests, we don't test the reset button
      ah wait
      we do

      Ilie Andriuta: I found it on https://github.com/xwiki/xwiki-platform/blob/f19bd6fa13aee6600432e171409dd8570486f339/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-panels/xwiki-platform-panels-test/xwiki-platform-panels-test-docker/src/test/it/org/xwiki/panels/test/ui/docker/PanelsAdministrationIT.java#L53 from what I could see

      Vincent Massol: we verify that if you drag and drop a panel and then click reset, it's removed
      see https://github.com/xwiki/xwiki-platform/blob/23bb147f64947c5d50bd1dd2a352019679340362/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-panels/xwiki-platform-panels-test/xwiki-platform-panels-test-docker/src/test/it/org/xwiki/panels/test/ui/docker/PanelsAdministrationIT.java#L118

      Ilie Andriuta: ok...

      Vincent Massol: in the code the quicklinks panel is added to the left panel column and then reset and we verify it's been removed
      we don't verify the reset of the list of left and right panels

      Ilie Andriuta: there are 2 more use-cases, the Step 5 (layout) and Step 3 (altering the value of the panels)

      Vincent Massol: yes

      Ilie Andriuta: so I will create a task for it and mention the 2 tests we lack
      and then report the bug from above
      thank you, Vincent!




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