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Some LiveData tables flicker on page refresh



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Blocker
    • 16.3.0, 15.10.9
    • 14.10.13
    • Live Data
    • Windows 11 Pro, Edge 123, using a local instance of XWiki 15.10.8 and 16.2.0 on Jetty/HSQL
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to a page
      2. Attach some files (at least 5 files, in order to fill the LiveData)
      3. While on Attachments tab, refresh the page (for better observation refresh multiple times)
      4. Observe the LiveData table with attachments while the refresh is being finished

      Expected results

      Nothing happens.

      Actual results

      When the page refreshed is being finished, the LiveData table flickers from left to right (much more observable in the left side of the table).

      This can also be noticed on LiveData from Page Index > Attachments tab, and from what I've noticed there are also some other LiveData on which the issue reproduces, but it's not that obvious (e.g. Wiki Index LD)

      Note that this issue was hard to capture (in the end I managed to capture it on the attached video, which must be played several times to see the issue).

      The issue started to reproduce on XWiki 14.10.13 (not the whole flicker, but can be seen some loading "cogs" in the filter boxes that appear briefly and then disappear) and it reproduces also on XWiki 15.10.8 and 16.2.0.

      The issue could not be reproduced on XWiki 14.10.12.

      There is actually two distinct issues:

      • the spinning wheel on load, probably caused by XWIKI-19056
      • the re-render of LD from left to right which should be noticeable by looking closely at the recording, possibly related to XWIKI-19449


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