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Macro refresh issue when using save and continue and there is an html macro error



    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: 1.9 M1, 1.8.3
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      I've hit an odd macro refresh issue when the macro generates an html macro error.
      Take a page including another page defining a macro. We have the know but that the macro will be available only on 2 reload of the page using the macro.
      However if we modify the macro, with 2 reloads we see the updated macro being used.

      Only in one case we don't see this: If there is no html macro error "save and continue" is used for saving.

      Here is how to reproduce. Import the XAR attached. Go visit:

      Test.TestMacro1RefreshWithError and Test.TestMacro1RefreshWithoutError

      After 2 reloads you see the macro. In one case tehre is an error in another no error.

      Go edit Test.TestMacro1WithoutError and modify the text display the macro version number, save with "Save and Continue". Reload Test.TestMacro1RefreshWithoutError and with 2 reloads you will see the text change.

      Now Go edit Test.TestMacro1WithError and modify the text display the macro version number, save with "Save and Continue". Reload Test.TestMacro1RefreshWithError and with 2 reloads or more you cannot see the text change.

      Now go back on Test.TestMacro1WithError and view it or use "save and view" and reload Test.TestMacro1RefreshWithError. Then you will see the text change.

      This is quite annoying because it lead me to try changes that were not taken into account in the velocity macro. You don't realize that your macro is not refreshed.

      Maybe fixing the initial macro availability will fix the issue in this bug.




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