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timeout on xwiki syntax 1.0 to syntax 2.0 conversion



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      The following page in version 1.5 http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/Backup fails to convert to syntax 2.0. It seems to go in an infinite loop.

      Here is the code:

      #toc ("2" "3" "")
      1 Backup/Restore
      It's crucial that you define a backup strategy for your wiki so that you don't loose any data in case of a problem with your wiki installation. There are 2 strategies defined below.
      1.1 Backup configuration files
      There are 2 configuration files you'll need to backup:
      * <tt>WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg</tt>: general XWiki configuration file
      * <tt>WEB-INF/hibernate.cfg.xml</tt>: Hibernate configuration file
      In addition you may want to also backup any extra files you'll have installed in your XWiki installation such as JDBC drivers, extra plugins, etc.
      To restore them simply copy them at the same location where you backupped them from.
      1.1 Backup your database
      XWiki stores all its data in a database so all you need to do to save you wiki's data is backup that database.
      If you've installed the default standalone version of XWiki then the data are saved in a Hypersonic SQL database bundled by default. It's located in a <tt>database/</tt> directory inside the directory when you installed XWiki. Simply backup this directory and that'll backup all the Hypersonic SQL database.
      If you've installed XWiki using your own database then you'll need a backup tool for that database to back it up and to restore it.
      * *MySQL*: you can use <tt>mysqldump xwiki > xwiki.mysqldump</tt> to backup the xwiki schema (do the same for other schemas if you're in multiwiki mode) and <tt>mysql xwiki --user=root -p < xwiki.mysqldump</tt> to restore it.
      * *Oracle*: use <tt>exp</tt> to export data and <tt>imp</tt> to restore it.
      1.1 Use the XWiki Import/Export tool
      Since all XWiki data are saved in XWiki pages one solution to backup a XWiki instance is simply to export all its pages. This can easily be done using the [Import/Export tool>ImportExport]. However note that this is quite a resource hungry operation and depending on the size of your wiki you may need a lot of memory. As a consequence the recommended backup strategy is to backup the databases. It's much etter to use a specialized backup tool that'll bbackup the database, perform incremental backups, verify backup integrity, etc.
      The Import/Export should be reserved for the following use cases:
      * move data across XWiki instances, including sharing of applications between separate instances
      * move data to another wiki




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