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Initial URL lost after login for expired sessions



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      If I leave a tab opened in my browser, close the browser and the open it back again (a day later for instance), the session expires (probably) and I have to relogin for the tabs I left opened.

      The URL from the login page (where I am redirected on each tab) contains no redirect information (no xredirect GET parameter and no value in the hidden POST parameter of the login screen), just the sessionID and srid parameters ("XWiki/XWikiLogin;jsessionid=00F7630BD788249F43DA78AFD7709063?srid=QGLKU0QN" for example). After successful login, instead of redirecting to the page that caused the login screen (initial page that was opened in my tab), this information is lost and the Main.WebHome page is (probably) used as default.

      As a "workaround" to not lose the page I was on, I can press "back" in the browser after login (and redirection to Main.WebHome) and I will come back to the login screen, but this time, the URL is the correct URL I was initially on, and not the XWiki login URL. I can then hit Enter on the current URL and I will go to the page where I was initially.

      This happens every time (every day) I leave my tabs opened with pages that require login to view.

      The wiki installation is version 2.3.28624.




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