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Icons break the text before them when there are partial matches



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      Try rendering the following text:

      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, (consectetur adipiscing) elit. Duis aliquet mattis bibendum. Mauris condimentum bibendum tincidunt. Quisque auctor nisi id velit adipiscing feugiat. (Nullam) mollis varius tortor, sit amet cursus mi bibendum quis. Nunc cursus diam quis nisi mattis eget vulputate lectus laoreet. Praesent mi felis, scelerisque sed sodales vitae, dapibus at orci. Quisque blandit metus sed odio rutrum hendrerit auctor turpis commodo. Cras urna (dilor lectus faucibus erat) (dolor lectus faucibus erat) mauris, sodales et elementum ac, blandit quis dolor. Proin tincidunt, metus sed bibendum euismod, (dolor lectus faucibus erat), (dilor lectus) faucibus erat, in imperdiet mauris tellus a elit. Maecenas turpis turpis, fermentum imperdiet luctus nec, lobortis id dui. Sed non lorem non dui mattis tincidunt. Mauris sit amet metus lorem. Etiam in nibh est. (consectetur adipiscing) Quisque pellentesque erat risus, (sed) blandit risus.

      All the parenthesis before the are broken, with results varying randomly. Sometimes the full contents inside the parenthesis, including the parenthesis themselves, are replaced by another info icon, other times the closing parenthesis is left out, other times even the space around them is eaten. For longer pieces of text (3-4 words of text) only the open parenthesis and the first two words are replaced.

      The text after the last occurrence is unaffected. The text in other paragraphs is unaffected.




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