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Set current page as parent when creating new page



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      I've seen with several of my customers that the current way the parent/child in pages works can be quite confusing.

      Preferably I would like the default behaviour to be so that a new page created is always a child page of the page that the user was viewing when he clicked on the 'Add a page' button.

      So for example, if a user is watching Sandbox.Foo and clicks on 'Add a page' the parent for his new document will automatically be set to Sandbox.Foo instead of Sandbox.WebHome. If he wants to add a document in the root of the space, he would have it be a child of Sandbox.WebHome instead, or remove the parent all together.

      In practice, the parent/child relationship is very powerful but the complexity of using it properly in XWiki makes it hard to use for the average user. (Also see XWIKI-4979 for example).

      The way this is implemented in Confluence is very easy to use and makes it a very powerful feature. I think it's all there in the backend of XWiki, pulling it out and displaying it seems to be the tough part


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