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Image added in TinyMCE editor is removed after save



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    • 1.0 RC1
    • 1.0 B3, 1.0 B6
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    • A fresh install of XWiki 1.0 Beta 3 / MySQL 5.0.27 / Tomcat 5.5.17 on a Windows machine with all functionality in xwiki-1.0-beta-3.xar imported.
    • Image WYSIWYG editor


      When I edit a (new or existing) page with the WYSIWYG editor and try to insert an image, the image is displayed correctly in
      TinyMCE but doesn't show when I save the page. The html source code only shows an <br/> tag where the image was. The location of the image doesn't affect this behavior nor is the image type. I have tried .png, .gif and .jpg. The size of an file wasn't large, for instance I've tried the image maven-propaganda-2.png which is only 2875 bytes. The images however are uploaded and can be succesfully downloaded in the attachments section.

      When I add an image in the Wiki editor, the tag '


      ' is inserted and after changing the file name (in WYSIWYG or Wiki
      editor) and saving the page, the image is properly displayed. But when I try to edit and save the page in the WYSIWYG editor or switch from the WYSIWYG to Wiki editor, the image is again removed.

      I've added the used text and image file as an attachment.




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