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Support 2 roles for users for app within minutes: application creator and data creator



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      This issue is about creating the tools / list of steps to take to support the following usecase for an application created with app within minutes:

      • One person/group of persons creates an application, sets up data structures, sheet, template, etc
      • Another group of persons create data in this application (entries), without being allowed to edit the application structure.
      • The application creators can edit the application structure and presentation at any time and this will reflect on the usage of the application for the data creators.

      Nowadays, the application structure is stored in the same space as the application data, so we cannot use rights on spaces. Of course, one can restrict the rights on the individual pages (class, sheet, template), but then they need to know where these pages are, etc. In addition, having a space that only has data in it can be interesting as it could allow to delete all the data at once without deleting the application, etc.
      I tried to do some manual moving of class/sheet/template and I still had some issues, with the place where data was created, with a link to application edit which was not accessible, etc. I think we need to audit app within minutes to see what happens when various solutions are applied.


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