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Different behaviour of View Right in subwikis compared to 4.5.4 version


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      Steps to reproduce:

      • create 2 (TWO) XWiki instances. One on 4.5.4 and the other on 5.3 M2
      • Install workspacestemplate on 4.5.4. On 5.3 M2 it cames already installed
      • create a subwiki on BOTH of them with the following option:
        • On 4.5.4: "Open for any user to join"
        • On 5.3 M2: "Open for any user to join" and "Only global users are available in the wiki"
      • From the MAIN wiki create a user, but don't add that user to the workspace (on neither of wikis)
      • Login with the newly created user from the MAIN wiki
      • When accessing the subwiki/workspace from 4.5.4, you are able to see the content of the workspace
      • When accessing the same subwiki from 5.3 M2, you are NOT allowed to see its content. (which somehow makes sense !!!!! Adding the user to the subwiki will grant view and edit rights)

      Since I don't have any specs to test on, I will let the community decide if this is a bug, a feature, intended or not intended.

      Image with Rights attached.


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