Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 1.8 RC2 - HTML format


  • [XWIKI-3040] - A rich text area on a dialog box looses its content if we move the dialog box
  • [XWIKI-3215] - tocmacro 2.0 creates table of contents with links being redirected to target instead of section, if section heading is a link
  • [XWIKI-3228] - Error while saving xwiki 2.0 documents containing anchor links
  • [XWIKI-3240] - 'style' attribute of <font> tag discarded when cleaning html
  • [XWIKI-3241] - Table syntax delimiter characters must be escaped inside paragraphs if they start the paragraph
  • [XWIKI-3242] - Entering an empty link makes the rendering blow up
  • [XWIKI-3246] - Failed to execute toc macro when there's no header matching the toc parameters
  • [XWIKI-3247] - Toc macro generates invalid XHTML lists
  • [XWIKI-3248] - Uploaded .bmp files not shown in the Insert/Edit image dialog
  • [XWIKI-3250] - Remove need to wrap Document.display() calls with the HTML macro when using the XWiki Syntax 2.0
  • [XWIKI-3252] - Cannot view documents in other languages than the default when in multilingual mode and when using XWiki Syntax 2.0
  • [XWIKI-3253] - Object label displayed in edit object mode can overlap content
  • [XWIKI-3254] - Allow panels to use a different syntax than the content document
  • [XWIKI-3259] - Table headers are not handled properly
  • [XWIKI-3261] - Non-rendered anchor in HTML is parsed back with href attribute as custom parameter in xwiki/2.0 syntax
  • [XWIKI-3267] - Hang with the old {code} macro and unclosed quotes
  • [XWIKI-3270] - Quotes inside macro parameter values need to be escaped
  • [XWIKI-3278] - Macro parameter don't support backslash
  • [XWIKI-3279] - RESTlets fail to work with POST requests when the SavedRequestRestorer filter is enabled
  • [XWIKI-3280] - Some icons does not appear in rights manager UI
  • [XWIKI-3294] - XHTML parser generate exception when parsing a link in a macro generated content

New Feature

  • [XWIKI-2904] - Support for the 'useravatar' macro for the Wiki 2.0 syntax
  • [XWIKI-3107] - Continue work on automatic converter from XWiki Syntax 1.0 to XWiki Syntax 2.0
  • [XWIKI-3287] - Provide a tree widget allowing to browse a XWiki farm (wikis>spaces>pages>attachments)



  • [XWIKI-3059] - More hard coded Date Format in templates.
  • [XWIKI-3223] - Display extended tooltip information when a Macro fails to render in HTML
  • [XWIKI-3224] - Make link label generation configurable when no label is specified for a link
  • [XWIKI-3226] - Add ability to configure xwiki to use a given syntax as default when creating new pages
  • [XWIKI-3244] - Move to Groovy 1.6 final
  • [XWIKI-3263] - Make CleaningFilter (HTMLFilter) interface in xwiki-xml module reusable in other components
  • [XWIKI-3264] - Make officeimporter utilize HTMLFilter interface from xwiki-xml module
  • [XWIKI-3265] - Restructure officeimporter test cases + write more tests
  • [XWIKI-3268] - Use authenticated session information in order to authenticate the user to the REST API
  • [XWIKI-3271] - Add tags related resources to the REST API

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