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XE 7.4.1 Global groups inside Local groups



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 7.4.1
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      Hi guys,

      I have the following scenario:

      • I have the main wiki in which I have created groups let's say globFinance, globIT, globOperations etc.
      • globIT group contains user1, user2...
        -globFinance group contains user3, user4...
        -globOperations group contains user5, user6...
      • The main wiki contains public pages visible to every user and every user can add new pages thus all three groups have allowed following rights: view, edit, comment, script

      Now, I have subwiki (subwikis) called let's say Operations. I set that both global and local users are visible in this wiki. I have created two local groups:
      -Local group locOperations which contains global group globOperations
      -Local group locIT&Finance which contains globIT, globFinance

      locOperations has allowed rigths: view, comment, edit, script
      locIT&Finance has allowed rigths: view

      But, it just won't work. Rights set on local groups (which contain global groups) have no effect.

      When no rigths are set on local groups (no allow or deny is set), users can see all pages but are not able to edit or comment. What is more interesting, when I allow View right on local group, users are not able to see any of pages on subwiki. When I allow Edit right, it has no effect and users just still can see pages but they are not able to modify anything.

      But, when I add global user1 (which is member of global group globIT) into the local group locIT&Finance and I allow Edit right to this group, it has effect and user is able to modify pages. So, this scenario is working. But it is pain for administrator of particular subwiki to add users one by one into the local groups. Could you please help ? Maybe I am doing something wrong.

      Thank you so much.


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