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Space URL with literal space in title get renamed after saving



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      Typically with the previous versions (and with the current version, it would seem until you save), when you create a new page with a literal space in the title, the space character is replaced with the + character. This has been working fine until I updated to 7.4.4.

      Now when I edit a page or space with a literal space anywhere in its path, the spaces get encoded to %2D and the page is saved somewhere completely new.

      Say I have (or create) a page with the name Some Page Name with Spaces, this will take you to an edit page where the URL is for Some+Page+Name+with+Spaces but when you save, it saves the changes to another page Some%2BPage%2BName%2Bwith%2BSpaces.

      The even happens when the page you're directly working on does not have spaces, but one of the spaces that it is under does. For example, editing This is a space.SubSpace.Page will be saved back to This%2Bis%2Ba%2Bspace.SubSpace.Page which causes more problems as the space tree then has a whole new branch with the edited page on it.

      I have also noted that this compounds if you try to edit the page again with the page name in the first example then getting turned into Some%252BPage%252BName%252Bwith%252BSpaces (where the % character has then been re-encoded to %25).

      My choices are to stop editing pages which have spaces, or rename them so that the paths use camel case or another symbol where the space character should be that does not produce this problem (such as an underscore).

      I am not sure if this is related to the over encoding that was mentioned in XWIKI-5897 and I would be surprised if this has not already been reported (although I couldn't quite find anything). If it has not been reported then it may possibly be a plugin or the environment and so any help that can be provided would be appreciated.


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