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Improve the Blog application with the isolated blog type



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      An isolated blog is a blog that is created in a given space (local blog), the blog categories and posts are created/visible only in that space.

      The objective of creating this separate blog type is to allow having independent blogs in the same wiki and to not break the actual blog use cases.

      An isolated blog is subject to following conditions:


      • The isolated blog posts will be created in the local blog space
      • Only blog posts located in the local space will be displayed in the blog home page
      • Prevent the global blog to display posts from isolated blogs


      • New blog categories are created into the local blog space
      • On the blog post form only categories located in the isolated blog space will be displayed
      • The 'Categories' panel display only categories located in the isolated blog space
      • Categories from isolated blogs are not displayed in the global blog category panel


      • Only display local posts in the 'recent posts' panel for isolated blogs.
      • Prevent isolated blog posts to be displayed in the global blog 'recent posts' panel.
      • Only display local unpublished posts in the 'Unpublished posts' panel for isolated blogs
      • Prevent unpublished posts from isolated blogs to be displayed at global blog 'Unpublished posts' panel.
      • Isolated blogs will be removed from any RSS feed but will be visible on the one matching the isolated blogs.
      • The 'Archives' panel will not be modified because it already follows the isolated blogs conditions in the case of local blogs

      How to create an isolated post?
      On the Blog/Management page

      • Add a checkbox "Isolate this blog"
      • When the checkbox is checked:
        • Create an isolated blog in place of a local blog.
        • Create the default categories (News, Personal, Others) into the local space




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