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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.29



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      Version 0.29
       * Core:
      - API CHANGE: Interface CSS2ComputedProperties renamed to CSSComputedProperties.
      - Values of the background-repeat property are now computed according to the 
        CSS3 spec. *** HEADS UP: now the keywords returned by the background-repeat
        property computed value expand to double values (a list) like ‘repeat repeat’.
        If your rendering process checks for equality to 'repeat', it may break. In
        that case, a solution would be to use getPropertyCSSValue and just supply that
        process with the text for the first list value. ***
      - Added SAC_FUNCTION as a possible size value in AbstractCSSPrimitiveValue.
      - Layerize sanity check for background-position property.
      - Fixed a bug where the last layer of some layered properties [background- 
        (position|repeat|size)] could be lost.
      - Support for computing individual layered background properties according to
        CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3. Initial support for the background
        shorthand was already present in 0.16.
      - Improvements to background shorthand setter.
      - A shorthand with an 'inherit' keyword now sets all subproperties to 'inherit'.
      - BaseCSSStyleDeclaration: getPropertyCSSValue now returns an AbstractCSSValue.
      - CSSStyleDeclaration: avoid an _instanceof_ in getPropertyValue.
      - Remove old debug logging from BaseCSSStyleSheet.
      - BaseCSSStyleSheetFactory now returns AbstractCSSStyleSheet in 
        createStyleSheet, createRuleStyleSheet, and createLinkedStyleSheet methods.
      - Use parent stylesheet's createSACParser() method in css rules, if possible.
      - DOMCSSPageRule: attempt to parse selector(s) from pseudo page string.
      - Update maven POM with cssparser dependency for tests.
      - Add steadystate cssparser back to BaseCSSStyleSheetTest sample sheet parsing.
      - Allow unit tests to use a specific stylesheet-level SAC parser.
      - New unit tests for background-position and page rules.
      - CSSStyleDeclarationRuleTest: create a commented test with some tests that 
        current Batik cannot parse.
      - Add a javadoc comment to CSSNode.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Adapt to core change: interface CSS2ComputedProperties being renamed to
      Version 0.28
       * Core:
      - Make DOM wrapper ID selectors accept IDs from the 'id', 'ID' and 'Id' 
      - Simple box model test (and generator) made more robust.
      - Small floating point accuracy adjustments for SimpleBoxModel.
      - Removed duplicate test.
      - Improved cascade with support for user sheets. Involves a few API changes: for
        example CSSStyleSheetFactory is now an interface.
      - Clean-up: removed unnecessary casts.
      - The parseCSSStyleSheet method now adds rules with the same origin as the rule 
        with a highest precedence origin.
      - Remove deprecated methods in CSSPropertyValueException and 
      - Methods to get the style sheet factory were getCSSStyleSheetFactory() in 
        documents, and getStyleSheetFactory() in style sheets. Now only the latter form 
        is used.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Adapt to changes in core API.
      - Removed unnecessary casts from two tests.
      Version 0.27
       * Core:
      - Configure maven-javadoc-plugin to find overview file.
      - BoxValues: add the TableBoxValues subinterface.
      - AbstractCSSPrimitiveValue: SAC_DEGREE is not a size unit.
      - Convert to absolute units during cascade.
      - Simple box model: allows to easily compute box properties for simple 
      - Added getComputedLineHeight() to CSS2ComputedProperties.
      - CSS2ComputedProperties cleanup: method getFontFamily() was not really the 
        same as getFontFamily() in CSS2Properties, so it was renamed to 
        getUsedFontFamily(). If no style database is present and there is a list of 
        values, getUsedFontFamily() returns the first value. Also, method 
        computeFloatValue was deprecated.
      - Javadoc comment in CSSPercentageValue made more specific.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Avoid line ending problem in XHTMLDocumentFactoryTest.
      - Adapt to core change: getFontFamily() --> getUsedFontFamily().
       * Visual module:
      - Fix a Javadoc comment in ReplacedElementBox.
      - Avoid using XPath in LogErrorHandler.
      - Adapt to core changes in CSS2ComputedProperties.
       * Java2D module:
      - Adapt to core changes in CSS2ComputedProperties.


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