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Livetable filtering is not working when using Internet explorer's "clear field" button



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    • 9.8.1
    • LiveTable
    • IE 11
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      So, apparently now Internet Explorer (IE 10+) has this "clear field" button that is automatically displayed on the right side of all inputs that are filled in by the user, allowing the user to clear the text he just entered with a click.

      When used for the inputs that are livetable filters, the table results don't update to correspond to the newly applied filter.

      More precisely:

      • open a page with a livetable (e.g. user directory)
      • filter on one of the text field, by typing a text in it (e.g. the surname)
      • you'll see the livetable refreshing to show only the results that match the filter
        • the X "clear field" button will also appear
      • click on the X button
      • the filter input is cleared

      Expected result:

      • the livetable updates to show all results (corresponding to empty filter)

      Actual result:

      • the livetable doesn't update at all, it keeps showing the results of the last filtering

      See screenshots.

      Oddly enough, in some situations the table does refresh (probably receives some event from IE), what I managed to reproduce:

      • I connected remotely to a machine having windows and IE 11
      • if I clear the input field, then switch to a different window on my computer and then switch back to the window of the remote desktop connection, the livetable refreshes to take into account empty input - so somehow IE sends some change event or something.

      However, making the input loose focus in the same IE window did not refresh the livetable, so it's definitely choosing odd moments to send events.


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