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User receives notifications about the creation / updates of other user's profile



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    • 10.6.1
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    • Windows 10, Edge 17, XWiki 10.6.1 with MySQL 5.7
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      Preconditions: The Mail Sending should be configured and the users used have email addresses set in the profiles. For the Live emails set the webapps\xwiki\WEB-INF\xwiki.properties and set notifications.emails.live.graceTime = 1 to enable the sending of e-mails after 1 minute

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log in as Admin
      2. Create a user eg. user01
      3. Log in as that user
      4. Go to Notifications Settings
      5. Set Email Frequency to Live
      6. Set Email Notifications to ON
      7. Log in as Admin
      8. Create / update a page
      9. Create a new user (Administer wiki > Users & Rights > Users > Add user)
      10. Update the user profile
      11. Observe the emails received

      Expected results: Only the information about pages created / updated are sent as email notifications.

      Actual results: Notifications about the creations and updates of other users profile are sent to the user that has Notifications activated.
      I've also tested this with Daily emails (with trigger) and the same issue appears, so it's not only for Live notifications.
      The notifications about the user creation/update appears in the Notifications list also, if Notification menu is activated.

      I believe this happened before in XWIKI-14725


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