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Toggles aren't saved in the UI when changing the page of the Filters



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Major
    • 10.7-rc-1
    • 10.6.1
    • LiveTable, Notifications
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    • Windows 10, Edge 17, XWiki 10.6.1 with MySQL 5.7
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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log in as Admin or user
      2. Click on Notifications Settings
      3. Set the Notification menu to ON
      4. Create 5 or more filters (to gave 2 pages)
      5. On Page 1 change some filters from ON to OFF or vice-versa
      6. Click on Page 2
      7. Change some filters
      8. Click on Page 1
      9. Observe the changed filters
      10. Click on Page 2
      11. Observe the changed filters

      Expected results: The filters are saved and kept when the user changes the page.

      Actual results: The filters are saved but when the user changes the page and comes back the UI appears as before. After a refresh of the browser the changes can be seen properly - the toggles are changed.
      I believe this is only an UI issue with the page not being refreshed when the user changes the pages from Filters, as if the page is changed in the wiki or refreshed, the toggles are saved properly and can be seen.


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