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Rename/Move Issues When Title and URL do no match


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: 11.0.3
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: URLs
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      Ubuntu 18.04, Installed using the XWIKI repo. Base install from the REPO
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      Background, we just moved from 8.4.4 to 11.0.3 .  The bug I am reporting does not exist in 8.4.4. but does in 11.0.3.   The bug is associated to the Title being different then the URL.   Our desire is to have clean and readable URL's (No %20) with Nice looking Titles in Wiki.   

      Steps to Create the Bug

      1. Go to the homepage of the wikit
      2. Click Create Page
      3. When the page comes up enter "Test-IT"
        1. We do this here because that is what the URL will look like.
      4. Click Create
      5. When the Editor comes up Change the Title to "Test IT"
      6. Click Save and View
      7. In the BreadCrumb Bar you should see "Home / Test IT" and the URL should show "wikiname/view/Test-IT"
      8. Repeat steps 2 - 6 (I did 4 more times to make it visible)
      9. When down you should see:
        • BreadCrumb Bar:  Home / Test IT / Test IT / Test It / Test IT / Test IT
        • URL:  wikihome/view/Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT
        • NOTICE:  Spaces on the Breadcrumb and - in the URL
      10. Now create a new page I used a title of RFC000000
      11. Click Save and View
      12. Now on the RFC Page goto MOVE/RENAME
      13. Rename the page to RFC000010
      14. Look at the Source Tree it will show spaces
      15. Look at the New Location Tree, it shows "Test-IT"
        • IT Should not show this, it should show space like in (8.4.4)
        • See IMAGE01.png of what 11.0.3 looks like
        • See IMAGE02.png of what 8.4.4. looks like
        • NOTE:  First indicator that something is wrong
      16. Click RENAME
      17. IT Will Say Done
      18. Look at Source, looks normal.
      19. Now look at the NEW LOCATION
        • There two things wrong here:
          1. The "Test IT" is showing as "Test-IT"
          2. There are not spaces between the "/", almost as if it is show the URL.
          3. See IMAGE03.png
      20. Now try to go to the RFC000010 page by clicking on the RFC000010 Link on the RENAME Status Page one it says DONE.  This should take you to the page in the new location.
        • NOTE:  You need to click on it here for the test because it is no-longer visible in the WIKI anywhere else.
        • The URL is wrong, see IMAGE04.png
      21. Now, to really show what it did.  In the BreadCrumb bar, click the drop down arrow to see the WIKI Tree.  Go find Test IT
        • This shows that it saved the page not in the "Test IT" tree, but into a branch named "Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT", which is a problem.
        • In addition the "Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT/Test-IT" can't be navigated to...  
        • See IMAGE05.png

      Hopefully this will help resolve this BUG quickly.   This is preventing us from moving things into the new structure.   I know this 11.0.3 and some bugs are expected, I just didn't expect to find one in a core function.

      QUESTION:  What is the best way to delete the invalid paths on the tree?   Pages on this Wiki will not let me delete.  Gets an error.

      UPDATE:  The copy functionality is also broke...

      If you need More Information..




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