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A document without default language is created when it's created from a file upload from Wysiwyg (CKEditor), despite wiki language settings



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      Steps to reproduce:

      • in the administration of the wiki, set the wiki language to French (fr), no multilanguage
      • create a new document
      • in document content edit form displayed, before saving the document from the first time, use the CKEditor to upload an image or a file (either by copy-paste of an image or by using the upload menu of the "add image" or "add link to attached file" )
      • fill in the content of a document (besides the image/attachment)
      • save the document

      Expected result:

      • the default language of the created document is French (fr)

      Actual result:

      • the default language of the created document is empty (no language is set)

      This issue is particularly bothering because:

      • the language of the document impacts the way the document is indexed and thus the quality of the search results - it practice it can make it not appear in the list of search results even if other documents containing the exact same piece of text will appear in the results for a given search string.
      • in a single language wiki, there is no method for a regular user or admin (non-developer) to fix the language of this document to make it indexed properly


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