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Wiki macros still remove MacroMarkerBlock when they are inline editable



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    • 11.4-rc-1
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      XWIKI-16708 fixed part of the problem but the issue is not fully fixed since there's one use case where MMB are still stripped: when wiki macros are inline editable.

      It's still a problem because it's still a regression in the format of the XDOM and important metadata is lost, which can break use cases.

      Here's one such use case:

      • The LaTeX exporter has support for special handling of macros, i.e. to decide what to do when a macro is being exported to LaTeX.
      • If a user creates an inline-editable wiki macro and needs to have a special behavior to render it to LaTeX, it won't be possible since the MMB are stripped.
      • Another use case is if a user creates an inline-editable wiki macro and inside this macro he/she uses another macro that requires special handling for the LaTeX export (e.g. message macros, container macro, mathjax macro, etc). Then the LaTeX export will fail since the MMBs for these macros won't be there.


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