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Distribution Wizard orphaned extensions step is proposing to promote to top level extensions that are dependencies of invalid extensions that will get upgraded in the next step



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      Consider the following situation:

      • extension A that depends on extension B
      • extension A is installed at version X on XWiki 12.6.5
        • version X is not compatible with XWiki 12.10.4
        • extension A has another version, Y, that is compatible with XWiki 12.10.4
        • the version of the dependency B doesn't change between version X and Y of extension A

      On an XWiki 12.6.5 extension A version X is installed.
      Perform the upgrade to XWiki 12.10.4.

      After the upgrade, the "oprhaned extensions" step comes before the extensions upgrade step. At this point, Distribution Wizard will identify extension B as orphaned and only give 2 choices it for it:

      • promote to toplevel
      • uninstall.

      Right at the very next step, which is the extensions upgrade step, extension A version X will be found as invalid and will get upgraded to version Y which correctly depends on B, so B is not actually an orphaned extension.

      So the actual result we want for extension B is to keep it, as a dependency, of the valid extension A version Y, and there is no way to achieve this during distribution wizard.


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