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Upgrade to HSQLDB 2.6.1



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      See http://hsqldb.org/doc/2.0/changelist_2_0.txt

      21 October 2021 - version 2.6.1
      -- version 2.6.1 is a bug fix release
      -- added sql.lowercase_ident property for extra compatibility with PostgreSQL and MySQL unquoted identifier names
      -- fixed an issue with performance of large updates in mvcc transaction mode
      -- fixed an issue with query timeout settings
      -- fixed a number of minor issues and regressions
      21 March 2021 - version 2.6.0
      -- Version 2.6.0 marks the 20th anniversary of HyperSQL.
      -- The project maintainer would like to thank core developers Blaine Simpson, Campbell Burnet and Robert Preston for their contribution over many years, 
      --    and all developers and users who contributed code, made useful suggestions, or reported issues.
      -- version 2.6.0 main jar contains the module org.hsqldb and can be used as a Java module
      -- version 2.6.0 jar requires JRE 11 or later - tested up to Java 16 RC
      -- version 2.6.0 alternative jar requires JRE 8 or later
      -- version 2.3.9 jar can be compiled with Java 6 (or 7) for JRE 6 and 7 and fully compatible with 2.6.0 except for the new JDBC features
      -- The DatabaseManager class is no longer included in the Jars. Use DatabaseManagerSwing instead. 
      -- added support for additional REGEXP_ functions.
      -- added support for adding extra columns to FOREIGN KEY indexes; see ALTER CONSTRAINT in the Guide
      -- added support for RECURSIVE_TABLE in WITH RECURSIVE queries
      -- added system role SCRIPT_OPS for export / import of database structure and data
      -- added extensive features to the collection classes in org.hsqldb.lib (maps, lists, queues etc.) which can also be used in user apps
      -- improved MySQL syntax support for ENUM
      -- fixed a number of regression in 2.5.1, e.g. use of MODULE for LOCAL TEMPORARY tables, truncated microsecond precision of java.sql.Timestamp values
      -- fixed several minor issues
      -- removed all use of Java (up to JDK 16) deprecated methods
      -- revamped Ant and Gradle builds, now updated to latest Gradle


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