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Editing a user profile displays view-only sections in edit mode, with misleading UI



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      How to reproduce:

      • login on the wiki
      • go to your profile
      • click the "edit" button from the content menu or any of the crayons displayed for the profile or preferences section
      • the edit mode of the page will be loaded

      Actual result:

      • all the sections of the user profile are loaded, some as form inputs some in the same way as in view mode, along with the action buttons at the bottom of the page "Save and View", "Save", "Cancel", etc
      • for the tabs for which there are no configurations to be made, the buttons are misleading, it's not clear what they do, if they do anything
      • for the Notifications tab, since it can be modified but the saves are saved automatically (XWIKI-15447), the buttons are particularly misleading as it looks as if the changes would be transactionally saved by clicking the save button, which is false
        • I think there may even be an error when making changes on the notifications tab, but it seems the changes are saved nevertheless

      Expected result:

      • the sections of the user profile that can be configured are loaded as form inputs, along with the action buttons at the bottom of the page "Save and View", "Save", "Cancel", etc
      • clicking these buttons save the changes made to the user profile settings in the form elements
      • specifically, the tabs of the user profile that only show information and don't allow to change anything specifically in edit mode should not be displayed in the edit view of the profile page. These include:
        • Notifications
        • Groups
        • Wikis
        • Network
        • Liked pages




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