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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.20



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      See http://informatica.info/projects/css/CHANGES.txt

      Version 0.14
      - API CHANGE: Refactor of user-agent classes. The sample DOM4JUserAgent has 
        initial support for cookies and HTTP Basic authentication.
      - API CHANGE: DeviceFactory is a new abstraction that supplies style databases
        and other media-related objects. DeviceFactory.setStyleDatabase takes two 
        arguments, the first one being the medium for which it is intended. Then, 
        the database used by the style declarations changes according to the current 
        target medium, as set by the XHTMLDocument.setTargetMedium method unless the 
        style declaration is stand-alone, in which case the style database for the 
        DeviceFactory's default medium will be used.
      - API CHANGE: Removed method XHTMLDocumentFactory.setDefaultStyleSheet, which 
        was deprecated in previous version, to avoid confusion.
      - API CHANGE: DOMMediaList.getLength() now returns 0 when it contains "all". 
        A media list with "all" is considered equivalent to an empty media list.
      - API CHANGE: CSSStylableElement.getStyle returns an empty style instead of a 
        null when there is no inline style defined.
      - API CHANGE: Cleaned the CSSStyleSheetFactory methods. The parse method has 
        been removed; instead, use the parseCSSStyleSheet method on any style sheet.
      - Cleanup in the CSS implementation classes.
      - Support for alternate style sheets. See the methods enableStyleSheetsForSet, 
        getStyleSheetSets, getSelectedStyleSheetSet and setSelectedStyleSheetSet in 
      - Added the method getOverrideStyle to CSSDocument, matching the DocumentCSS 
        DOM Level 2 interface.
      - Added the getStyleSheets method to CSSDocument, matching the DocumentStyle 
        DOM Level 2 interface.
      - Improved CSS error handling.


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