Release Notes - {RETIRED} XWiki Workspaces - Version 1.1 M1 - Text format


  • [XWS-12] - The workspaces "description" field is not use anywhere
  • [XWS-94] - Missing previous/next links to browse blog archives

New Feature

  • [XWS-15] - Add installers to workspaces
  • [XWS-65] - New workspace publication mode : "open" (AllGroup allowed to both read and write)
  • [XWS-89] - Implement a workspace microblogging/updates stream application


  • [XWS-77] - Improve layout and ergonomics of the "All My Spaces" UI
  • [XWS-83] - Synchronise dynamically XWS applications versions with XWS pom.version


  • [XWS-91] - Allow to install/uninstall application in/from a workspace

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