Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 1.0 B4 - HTML format


  • [XWIKI-269] - Edit Categories doesn't work in inline edit mode
  • [XWIKI-548] - Advanced content does not switch to non wysiwyg editor
  • [XWIKI-623] - Lots of Velocity logs are being generated
  • [XWIKI-660] - WYSIWYG editor does not recognize the [link text|Some.Page] syntax for links
  • [XWIKI-686] - The {form} macro is broken
  • [XWIKI-688] - Navigation bar floating left in Konqueror
  • [XWIKI-710] - Navigation pane shows incorrectly in Vista / IE 7
  • [XWIKI-761] - Feedplugin does not allow to set the user agent and is refused by some servers
  • [XWIKI-774] - Link Popup in WYSWIYG Editor still forces to scroll to get the Insert button
  • [XWIKI-778] - Important problem with the content and metadata dirty status and versioning
  • [XWIKI-791] - Problems with subdirectories when using a WikiPage skin
  • [XWIKI-794] - #toc generates invalid markup
  • [XWIKI-795] - The lucene plugin API does not support sorting.
  • [XWIKI-809] - Change logo from to on
  • [XWIKI-811] - h3 is removed after saving in WYSIWYG Editor
  • [XWIKI-814] - Check of 'halign' in ImageMacro is missing (maybe a 'copy&paste bug')
  • [XWIKI-816] - Exception when deleting attachments from the Import page
  • [XWIKI-818] - When registering, the user page does not have the creator/author properties set
  • [XWIKI-824] - Charting plugin fails to start out of the box
  • [XWIKI-825] - Temporary chart files need appropriate permissions
  • [XWIKI-826] - RSS feed for modified pages is not working with HSQLDB in the default wiki
  • [XWIKI-836] - Spaces in file names in Zip files cause them to break when accessed through the plugin
  • [XWIKI-843] - Incorrect formatting of the ISO8601 date
  • [XWIKI-845] - When linking to documents with accents using the [link] filter, the unaccented version is tried first
  • [XWIKI-849] - SQL Injection


  • [XWIKI-528] - All the files stored on disk should be charset independent
  • [XWIKI-579] - If it says Valid XHTML, then it MUST be valid XHTML
  • [XWIKI-785] - Separate XWiki Google Web Toolkit projects from xwiki core code
  • [XWIKI-790] - Add button to setup underline for text in wiki editor


  • [XWIKI-632] - Minimize the number of build warnings
  • [XWIKI-751] - Added XMLRPC addSpace() API (confluence1.addSpace)
  • [XWIKI-759] - Improve FeedPlugin to store rss article in xwiki pages
  • [XWIKI-760] - Incompatibility with some feeds that have minor invalid data
  • [XWIKI-764] - XWiki Google Web Toolkit Server API
  • [XWIKI-766] - manage error code in actions
  • [XWIKI-781] - Allow storing key/value pairs in XWiki documents for implementing internationalized XWiki applications
  • [XWIKI-806] - Deprecate Api.checkProgrammingRights in favor of Api.hasProgrammingRights
  • [XWIKI-808] - Add protected Api.getXWikiContext() method
  • [XWIKI-844] - Add script to start XWiki in debug mode for the standalone distribution to help in debugging
  • [XWIKI-853] - Remove Velocity warnings "Unknown scope 'null'" that are in the XWiki log when starting the Servlet container


  • [XWIKI-554] - "Disambiguation" error when previewing from edit
  • [XWIKI-591] - Document the {image} macro
  • [XWIKI-612] - Document the {attach} macro
  • [XWIKI-820] - Document the coding standards used
  • [XWIKI-830] - Switch to the ConcurrentHashMap backport
  • [XWIKI-832] - Document how to Debug XWiki using Remote Debugging
  • [XWIKI-833] - Document the charting plugin and wizard
  • [XWIKI-854] - Replace usage of String.replace (j1.5) with String.replaceAll (j1.4)

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