Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 1.0 RC4 - HTML format


  • [XWIKI-1151] - Wyswiyg editor has problem with lists and carriage returns
  • [XWIKI-1152] - Wysiwyg loosing content when copy pasting and switching to list
  • [XWIKI-1161] - Exception when manipulating class fields causes them to "disappear"
  • [XWIKI-1163] - Remove lines space before and after the list, table
  • [XWIKI-1164] - Editor removes line feeds
  • [XWIKI-1165] - WYSIWYG editor doesn't understand the "-" notation for lists
  • [XWIKI-1166] - WYSIWYG editor doesn't understand the \<text\> , it's ignored
  • [XWIKI-1167] - Create 2 lists that separated by a line space then it merges both lists
  • [XWIKI-1172] - "Indent" button generates escaped <bloquote> wiki markup
  • [XWIKI-1173] - BaseCollection.setListValue is not working
  • [XWIKI-1180] - The blockquote is never removed
  • [XWIKI-1182] - Empty line after list missing
  • [XWIKI-1183] - URLs entered in wiki markup are displayed without the protocol part
  • [XWIKI-1184] - Tooltip for Ordered List is wrong
  • [XWIKI-1189] - Reduce the amount of space before the level 1 title
  • [XWIKI-1190] - One empty line at the start of a document is stripped when rendered and edited again
  • [XWIKI-1191] - Macromapping of velocity macros when there's no Velocity macro page defined fail and instead include the WebHome page of the current space
  • [XWIKI-1192] - {skype} macro mapping to #skype velocity macro isn't working
  • [XWIKI-1197] - exception in rename nonexistent document
  • [XWIKI-1204] - Incorrect type of code macro when we switch from wiki => wysiwyg => wiki


  • [XWIKI-1039] - The albatross skin does not distinguish disabled form fields
  • [XWIKI-1109] - XWikiRightServiceImpl.listAllLevels uses an expensive method for producing the rights list.
  • [XWIKI-1200] - Hide actions in the menu that don't have a meaning for a non-existing document

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