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Disable edit shortcuts in edit mode



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      The edit shortcuts, which are made of a single letter, are enabled in all modes, edit mode included ('o' for object editor, 'r' for rights and so on).

      The fact that these extensions are working when the user is already in edit mode is, at the same time
      1/ slightly useless. In general once you're in the edit mode you're no longer in a hurry to get into edit mode
      2/ VERY dangerous. Since edit mode is essentially about typing stuff, with all the letters of the alphabet in general, it's enough that an input loses focus somehow while you type, or that you type by mistake without focusing an editable area before and your whole page is reloaded in another edit mode. In edit mode, hitting keys is the rule so it cannot be a shortcut for something, it's the shortcut for actually typing what you need to type.

      1/ create a new page, edit in wysiwyg
      2/ type some text
      3/ open a link dialog, to add a Wiki link. Go to "search", search something, click on a result in that list (thus removing the focus from the search text input). hit the 'o' key: all page will be reloaded in edit object mode. Hitting "back" to go to the wysiwyg editor to recover what you were doing before should work, but it might fail for some reasons (browser, etc). If it does, all the work is lost.


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