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Incorrect message on registration form when email is not configured



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Major
    • 8.1-rc-1
    • 7.4.1
    • Old Core
    • IE11
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      1. Open an XE 7.4.1 instance with Admin
      2. Go to Administration -> Registration -> set email Verification = Yes
      3. Let the email default configuration without any changes.
      3. Log-out.
      4. Go to menu and click Register.
      5. Fill all the text boxes from the Registration form (make sure 100% that you type the same passwords)
      6. Click Register.

      Actual result:
      1) Even if you type the same password into both cells (password & confirm password), after you click Register, you get this message: "Passwords are different or password is empty".
      2) If you click again on the button Register, you get the message: "User already exists".
      3) First time I click on Register, I am not able to complete the action, because I don`t have the e-mail configured and the email Verification setting depends on that. So the message related to the password is wrong.
      4) Second time I click on Register button, the user is created without respecting the email Verification. That`s why I get the message: "User already exists".
      5) If I login with the credentials I inserted in the form after the 2nd click on Register, I am able to login successfully.

      Expected result:

      • If there is no e-mail configuration and the email Verification option is activated, there should be displayed a specific message like "Cannot verify your e-mail, please contact you administrator" or something like that instead of "Passwords are different or password is empty".


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