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Livetable shows 'emptyvalue' for objects with no content



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      When the Livetable lists an entry with an empty value, that cell shows "emptyvalue'. This clutters the view.

      Normally, the dev using the livetable macro should specify the translation to use for empty values, according to http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Livetable+Macro#HHowdoItranslate22emptyvalue22foundincells.

      However, when the translations is not specified, instead of showing prefix.specified.by.dev.emptyvalue or just emptyvalue, the Livetable should fallback to some default empty value defined in a standard translation (e.g. livetable.emptyvalue), which should probably be just the empty string. Since the empty string is a very common translation for the emptyvalue key, this fallback would help developers in not having to be forced to provide it each time, for each livetable they write. They should use it only when they want a custom empty value.


      Adjust the Livetable's default results page to handle the case when the emptyvalue translation is not specified and make it fallback to a standard translation. Add the missing standard translation by providing a translation key in the livetable-ui package.


      • Knowledge of HTML, XML, basic programming, Git
      • You will encounter concepts like Templating engines, Apache Velocity, Localization module etc. but you don't need to be familiar with them in advance

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      Familiarize yourself with XWiki by downloading and installing the latest version.

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