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The annotation system does not work for a page that is part of an application



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      Create any app from AWM for example, but the issue will be there I think (I extrapolate, I haven't tested all cases) in all document that is edited in inline and had objects.

      1. An app Bikes is created from AWM. The description property is XWikiContent.
      2. A new entry is created - bike-view.png -.
      3. Let's highlighted a word in the description, started to add an annotation - bike-annotation-add.png - and added an annotation - bike-annotation-added.png -.
      4. The annotation is not added on the word but at the end of the document.
      5. The clic on the word in the comment automatically created during the annotation creation does not work. The user is not sent to the word in the content.
      6. Then if the user adds a 2nd annotation on another word - bike-annotation-add-2.png -, the annotation is added at the end of the document, same as previously and the first annotation is not reachable anymore - bike-annotation-added-2.png -.

      If annotations work only XWiki standard document, that's very limited... and quite unusable.

      Can it be improved? Or disable annotations in Apps?


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