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Untyped links to terminal pages are not refactored properly upon move (rename) of the terminal page



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    • 11.10.10, 12.6.2
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      How to reproduce:

      • create an xwiki page (terminal or non terminal), A
      • create a second page, B, terminal
      • add, in the content of A, a link to B, using wiki syntax, using the following syntax:

        The link will display just fine, the backlink of A will be found on B (not impacted by XWIKI-17933 because of the order of creation of pages).

      • rename page B to another page (terminal or non-terminal)
        In the rename screen, you will see the question about the backlink, proposal to refactor it. If you click on the link, page A will show up correctly. Make sure the refactor backlinks checkbox is checked upon rename

      Expected result:

      • the link in A is refactored to point to the page in which B was renamed

      Actual result:

      • the link in A stays pointing to B and is now a broken link

      Note: this issue may happen a lot on "legacy content" , from an older XWiki, where default link type was doc: and so no-one was putting that in the links.
      It will also probably appear frequently if the favorite editor of users is wiki editor, since I doubt anyone will put doc: in links when creating them manually.

      On 12.6.2, the Wysiwyg editor appears to be generating typed links, prefixed by doc: , thus the issue won't reproduce anymore for refactoring of the links created from Wysiwyg.


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